Earlier this year, Samantha Harris, who is a former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ host, stunned many of her fans when she broke the news she had breast cancer. Additionally, Samantha revealed to her fans that although she underwent a grueling eight-hour double mastectomy in May, the cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. She fears this means she may have to undergo chemotherapy. Her doctor’s initial prognosis was she only required surgery.


Her battle with cancer started when she discovered a lump in her right breast during a routine self-examination in the fall of 2013. Before detecting this lump, a mammogram had shown that she was healthy. Nevertheless, she went to see a specialist who performed a needle biopsy and lumpectomy. The results confirmed her worst fears and she opted to undergo double mastectomy. During the surgery, doctors found that the cancer had spread beyond her breasts. As a result, she had to undergo more tests to determine how far it had spread. The test results showed that cancer had spread to only one lymph node and this means she may have to undergo chemotherapy.

Positive Attitude

In spite of this depressing episode in her life, Samantha remains upbeat (read her twitter page to see). Samantha was greatly relieved when the test results showed that cancer had only spread to one node. Additionally, though the prospect of going through chemotherapy scares her, she has received encouragement and support from many women who have battled the disease and won. Her resolution is to take a deep breath and readjust her focus if she has to go through with chemotherapy.

Samantha plans to remain strong for her two daughters who are three and six years old and she advises all women to have their breasts checked by specialists as early as possible (Clinical Breast Examination).