Of course, it would be delightful if our website could provide you with all the information desired about lymph nodes, but there is so much information out there. With so many other excellent websites about lymph nodes, our resource page is a must. Below are some fantastic websites that will provide you with additional information about lymph nodes.


  • MedlinePlusIcon: External Link – A service that is provided by the United States National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. The format makes it easy to find the area of interest and to do further research on related lymph node topics. The information on this website is very trusted by many.
  • Mayo ClinicIcon: External Link -It is a well-known medical facility that has a website filled with information that is easy to understand and read. The lymph node information for patients and other lay people is separated from the information for medical professionals and others who are more knowledgeable on the topic. There is a link to images related to the topic.
  • WebMDIcon: External Link -This site has in depth information with many internal links for further information. In addition to the medical information on lymph nodes there are links to medical references, videos, answers to questions, and news.
  • MD-HealthIcon: External Link -The information on this site simplifies the information with links to topics in the same category in the sidebar. Other research would need to be done by searching for the topic of interest. The lymph node information is reportedly from doctors.


  • American Cancer SocietyIcon: External Link -Since swollen lymph nodes may be a sign of cancer this site provides information on all types of cancer.
  • National Cancer InstituteIcon: External Link -This is one of the highly informative sites from National Institute of Health.
  • Cancer CareIcon: External Link -Counseling, support, education, and financial assistance.



  • Kids HealthIcon: External Link -A website that has information for children to learn about lymph nodes. There’re links for parents and teens for lymph nodes and other topics.
  • Biology4Kids.comIcon: External Link -It is geared more for upper grades and teens.
  • Kids.Net.auIcon: External Link -This website, which has links to additional information about lymph nodes in the content, is a great site for kids.


  • PicsearchIcon: External Link -Various types of lymph node pictures can be found on this site. This site is unique because it will customize the image search by color, orientation, size, and type.
  • GoogleIcon: External Link -Searching on Google for images gives the greatest selection of lymph node images with links to the original articles. The medical websites above are also good sources for images.


  • AmazonIcon: External Link -There are many books on Amazon at great prices. They can range from medical books to stories of cancer survival. The selection can be customized by price, popularity, etc.
  • Barnes and NobleIcon: External Link -Their prices aren’t as Amazon good but there may be more of a selection and options for formats. It is easier to find books related to lymph nodes and related health issues.


  • MelinePlusIcon: External Link -Animated lymph node video.
  • LearnersTVIcon: External Link -Lymph node video lecture with very detailed info.
  • YouTubeIcon: External Link -There is a wide variety of videos available on YouTube once you scroll past the ads


  • About.comIcon: External Link -Defines lymph nodes and a lot of other terms.
  • The Free DictionaryIcon: External Link -This is a good resource for a general definition of lymph nodes and all the various types.
  • AbbacronymsIcon: External Link -This site has a list of all the abbreviations and acronyms that have to do with lymph nodes.

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When searching for information on lymph nodes refine the search to current information because medical technology advances rapidly.