Mononucleosis is often referred to as the kissing disease because it is commonly passed in that manner. The condition may have similar symptoms of other illnesses, so a doctor will need to diagnose the cause of fatigue with a blood test. Fatigue is common as people try to do way too much in too little time. Sometimes it is by choice by signing up for too many activities and other times it can? Be helped, like when a single parent tries to fill the shoes of both parents alone. Fatigue from overdoing it can be relieved with rest and reducing the number of commitments, but when the cause of fatigue is mononucleosis, it won’t be as easy to mitigate. In addition to fatigue, this illness will have additional symptoms.

Treatment of mononucleosis or mono for short will speed up the recovery time.

Kissing and Other Ways that Mono is Contracted

It is common knowledge in many circles that mononucleosis can be acquired from kissing someone who is infected or is a carrier. It can also be passed from one person to another by other means, including the following:

  • sharing eating and drinking utensils
  • Contact with infected fluids
  • Exchange of infected body fluids

It is rare, but it can also be acquired from contaminated blood products. Commonly it takes 4-6 weeks after exposure for symptoms to develop. People who are at risk of getting mono are those who have close contact with a large number of people, have a weak immune system, or live near a large number of people.

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Fatigue and Other Symptoms of Mononucleosis

An unexplained need for sleep is the most common symptom of mono. It may come after intimate contact with known to have mono, or it may be after contact with someone who unknowingly is a carrier. In addition to fatigue and the need for sleep that accompanies this illness, other symptoms may be observed when someone is sick from this disease. These are some of the symptoms:

A swollen spleen is prevalent in 50% of the cases of mononucleosis, and in some cases, the liver may also swell. It is uncommon, but some people develop a rash. Often mono isn’t diagnosed because it is so similar to other illnesses.

Illnesses with Similar Symptoms as Mono

Since the symptoms of mononucleosis are similar to many diseases, including the common cold and the flu, it often goes undiagnosed. It is usually young adults who will get diagnosed even though many people have had it but never knew it. Other illnesses and diseases that are similar to mono include the following:

Most any health issue that causes fatigue can have the same symptoms of this illness. Treatment includes rest typically and allowing the virus to run its course. It is essential to prevent the spread of the virus to others during its duration.