Lumps and bumps on the neck…

When there are lumps and bumps on the neck, it could be from lymph node glands being enlarged. Of course, only a medical professional can know for sure, but here is some information about tonsillar lymph node enlargement. Most neck lumps are easy to diagnose, but there should be a professional examination done in the event it is a malignant.

In some cases, delayed food allergies will cause tonsillar lymph node swelling. Common causes can be peanuts, dairy, and wheat. Other items can cause the swelling also. This type of allergy is more difficult to diagnose. Often the best way to determine this is the cause is by removing the suspected food item. It is still wise to have any lumps checked by a health care professional.

Lymph Nodes filter lymph fluid through the body. It can trap various infections and other debris from the body. The body usually will take care of the debris. When the body is overloaded due to illness, infection, or disease, the lymph nodes will swell.

The Basics

Lateral or tonsillar lymph node (located in the jugulodigastric area) enlargement will appear as these lumps in the neck. In this case it is not prudent to treat it like it is an infection and treat with antibiotics. A medical professional should check clinical history, do a physical exam perform, an FNAB (fine needle aspiration biopsy) and do a CT exam. The rule of thumb in this instance is to assume the lumps are malignant and proceed accordingly.

The common cancers for adults who smoke and drink are cancers of the following:

  • Oral cavity
  • Orpharynx
  • Laryngopharyngeal

Not in all cases, but in many cases there will be other symptoms and a history of other cancers.

Other Neck Nodes – Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes

Children And Adolescents

Though there is still a small chance of malignancy, in children it is less likely. In children it is commonly caused by an infection or a subclinical viral infection. Once the infection is treated, the lymph node enlargement will subside. It is not instantaneous and may take some time after treatment has begun. The swelling can be from a cyst also.

In adolescents, swollen glands in the neck are often from a bacteria or viral infection. Lymph nodes that progressively become larger should be examined so that a malignancy can be ruled out.

Other Lumps In The Neck

Anterior neck lumps, submental triangle lumps, swelling around the hyoid bone, and thyroid gland. With a lump on the thyroid glad, it will elevate with swallowing. Other areas of swelling are the submandibular region and parotid region. Treatment and diagnosis needs to be made by a medical professional.

Mononucleosis and Epstein Barr can cause swelling also. These viruses can last a long time. To know for sure that this is the cause, a medical exam will be needed.

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There are many reasons for lumps on the neck, one of them being swollen tonsillar lymph nodes. Often it is nothing serious, but only a medical professional can diagnosis the cause.