Lymph Node Histology – Secret Identity Revealed

The microscopic study of lymph node tissue, the histology, is done using staining, fixing, and microscopic anatomy. Before nodes in the body were discovered and these methods were used to study them, the small bean size glands known as the nodes were hard at work, performing their tasks secretly. The body is a mysterious thing that holds tightly to its [...]

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What Is Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Lymph drainage therapy basically refers to the use of massage therapy to improve the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. Using a light and precise massaging techniques, qualified massage therapists can clear stagnant fluid from lymph node and activate the flow of lymphatic fluid in blocked nodes in order to detoxify the body. It is an important procedure because [...]

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7 Harmful Organisms Filtered By The Lymphatic System

Most people aren't aware of their lymphatic system until they have a swollen, hard, sensitive, or painful lymph node, then they will want to know everything there is to know about the lymphatic system. It is an amazing system that reaches to every part of the body destroying harmful organisms and filtering waste. A swollen lymph node is a warning [...]

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13 Amazing Facts About Lymph Nodes

The amazing and shy lymph nodes are little bean shaped glands about the size of a pea that never let down their defenses as they fight diseases and never take a day off from filtering debris from the body. The average person knows little about them and the reason is because they work quietly in the background of bodily functions [...]

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