7 Harmful Organisms Filtered By The Lymphatic System

Most people aren't aware of their lymphatic system until they have a swollen, hard, sensitive, or painful lymph node, then they will want to know everything there is to know about the lymphatic system. It is an amazing system that reaches to every part of the body destroying harmful organisms and filtering waste. A swollen lymph node is a warning [...]

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13 Amazing Facts About Lymph Nodes

The amazing and shy lymph nodes are little bean shaped glands about the size of a pea that never let down their defenses as they fight diseases and never take a day off from filtering debris from the body. The average person knows little about them and the reason is because they work quietly in the background of bodily functions [...]

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Dancing Around the Lumbar And Pelvic Lymph Nodes

Many dance moves include hip movement, but there was a time during Elvis' era that hip movement was not allowed on TV. That is no longer true today; the pelvic area is shown on TV and in movies doing a lot more than dancing. There are hundreds of lymph nodes that are constantly doing their dance, which includes filtering and [...]

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6 More Lymph Node Myths Busted

People who don’t know much about lymph nodes circulate the myths but you don’t have to be one of those people… become knowledgeable, we know you want to. The first four busted myths and the back story on lymph nodes can be found at 4 Lymph Node Myths Busted, if you haven’t read it yet, you might want to before [...]

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