T Cells Reporting to Work as Part of the Immune System

There is more to a healthy immune system than just getting enough rest and drinking orange juice. The body is constantly on guard to make sure that the body is safe from pathogens that can cause illness and infection. All the components of the immune system have specialized tasks that are awesomely balanced to keep the body healthy. The T [...]

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Examining Lymph Nodes Provide More Accurate Breast Cancer Prognosis

Accurate Breast Cancer Prognosis Once a woman (and sometimes men) receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, often the first question is “How bad is it?” People want to know their chances of survival and how long they can expect to live. With the commonness of this type of cancer everyone knows a survivor and sadly many people also know of [...]

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What Is Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Lymph drainage therapy basically refers to the use of massage therapy to improve the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. Using a light and precise massaging techniques, qualified massage therapists can clear stagnant fluid from lymph node and activate the flow of lymphatic fluid in blocked nodes in order to detoxify the body. It is an important procedure because [...]

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How Do Allergies Effect The Lymph System?

In some cases, the body's immune system, which comprises the lymphatic system, can overact to certain allergens such as pollen, certain medicines/chemicals, and even certain foods. When the body notices an allergen for the first time, it normally produces the necessary antibodies including IgE antibodies and B memory cells to fight it. However, when the same allergen appears again, the [...]

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